Btec Business Level 3 Assignment Briefs Men

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  • Meet every deadline. Don’t leave it to the last minute. The program is entirely coursework based and some assignments are very long, if you fall behind you will be playing catch up the rest of the year.
  • The maximum UCAS points you can get from this course is 360 which is equivalent to DDD (3 Distinctions). Aim to get at least DDM (2 Distinctions, 1 Merit – equivalent to 320 UCAS points) if you want to get in to any decent universities.
  • Make sure to structure your assignments. A well structured assignment will ensure you write about everything you have to, if you are struggling use some of my work as a reference.
  • The units in year one tend to be easier than the units in year two. Get as many distinctions as you can in year one and it will ease the pressure in your final year.
  • Talk to people in your class, often a quick conversation about the task can clear things up and let you crack on with your work.
  • If you really are stuck and you’ve found no help on the web don’t hesitate to ask your tutor, they will give you excellent guidance on what you need to do. They are the ones that will be marking your work so if you know exactly what they want you to do then it’s plain sailing.


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Урчащий мотор шумным эхо отражался от стен, и он понимал, что это с головой выдает его в предутренней тишине квартала Санта-Крус. В данный момент у него только одно преимущество - скорость. Я должен поскорее выбраться отсюда.

- сказал он .

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