Punctuality Is The Virtue Of The Bored Essay Outline

Better three hours too soon than a minute too late- Shakespeare said it and I practiced. Well, apart from some exceptional occasions ,I am never late for classes, appointments, movie shows, functions and parties. But these days, I am having doubts at this habit of being punctual. I know, it is difficult to get out of this carefully practiced routine but then I think I am destined to get friends, colleagues, subordinates and even spouse who do not care for keeping time.
The world is divided in two groups of human beings – those who will watch preparations for any function, mike being set for a meeting and carpet being brushed ..will beat the cleaning staff in reaching office…. will conveniently double check all seats in a lecture hall before settling for one and those who will catch the last bogey of local train every day without fail….apologize to colleagues for keeping them waiting, will enter office every morning just when the attendance register is entering boss’s chamber , will reach home late and say almost genuine sounding “sorry” to their wife/husband and will repeat the cycle again the next day. Incidentally it is for the first group that they put so many poster ads at Railway stations and bus stops …these people, invariably early to catch a train/bus , find all the time to read the posters and even point out spelling mistakes in them. The other group is the responsible for the inventions of lace free shoes, escalators and munch-on-the -way snacks. Being fair to the two groups, I don’t think it matters much in which group you are. Both have a fair share of successes and failures. If a punctual person like me starts a day with boredom of waiting for others to appear on the scene, habitual latecomers suffer from last minute anxieties. While in schools, colleges normally it pays to be on time , in social and even in official gatherings , it is fashionable to arrive late ....as no one important is ever present to appreciate punctuality.

So without any value judgments, without any decision of right and wrong why do I choose to arrive on time every morning knowing well that other car pool colleagues will be still pouring milk over their corn flakes? I guess it has to do with the habit. I can’t bear being late and on exceptional circumstances when I am late, I feel bad. My college friends once asked me jokingly if I was even born premature .Somewhere inside me, I still feel that lack of punctuality is a theft of someone else's time. If I have made an appointment with you, I owe you punctuality, I have no right to throw away your time, if I do my own. Lack of punctuality is a lack of respect for others and also is a violation of the Golden Rule that we are to treat others as we would want to be treated. How I wish they too shared my philosophy in this regard! Talking of habitual late comers, I have a bagful of them in my office. They perhaps curse their luck that I am that obstinate boss who insists on punctuality when for years together they were happily practicing KST-Kolkata Standard Time ( i.e. start from home at the time when you are expected to reach.) Amazing part is that these gentlemen and ladies will expect (a hope beyond hope) that trains and trams will be dot on time, buses will be ready for them the moment they step out and there will be no other problem and hence conveniently give themselves few more moments. Not even evidence of the contrary for decades can alter their trust in others’ punctuality or make them practice their own. Mind you, these habitual late comers are the first one to point out that people in bank/post offices are never on time. That the other officer is not on seat and hence the work suffers. The same principle goes for submitting replies and returns. In putting up files and meeting with deadlines. In fact, in most cases deadlines are long dead when the work is finally finished. But then late coming has its own virtues too. It encourages lateral thinking and creative writing. I wish I could compile the creative excuses I get from my staff for being late. In my previous office, once I unexpectedly asked for attendance register of an IT savvy section and found about 6 people missing. They were asked to show cause and voila! I found another use of IT….promptly came 6 identical applications for condoning late coming all for the same reason – child at home met with some accident. I called the group again and asked if they share the sunsign as well… Or if aliens have attacked the children of Kolkata on the fateful day. Another very interesting encounter was with a Bengali gentleman who was irritated with me for expecting him to be on time. He with all generosity once explained me in great details, how he gets up very early ,reads newspaper , goes to fish market to buy fresh fish, which will be then cooked by his wife and will be served in due course and only after a hearty meal (like a worthy bhadralok) he can start for the office . He then asked me in an agitated tone that how can I expect him to be earlier than his usual time when he has so many morning rituals to fulfill? Well, I gave up.
Still bound by my own habits, I religiously put crosses in attendance registers, shout at my husband for always being late and make faces at my car pool colleagues.
I know all arguments, all fussing- is a waste…they can’t change their habit as I can’t change mine. So I am destined to arrive at the time of mike-testing and dusting of chairs and they will run over the stairs with shoelaces loose. They tell me "Better late than never……………” And I reply back “……… but even better- NEVER BE LATE”

Punctuality is virtue of bored- Please review

Seniors ! I have attempted this essay on Punctuality is virtue of bored. I admit the length is short but concentrating on length impairs the quality of content of my essay. Still I'm practicing to write more words. Please do a critique and let me my loopholes. I'll be thankful !

It's 5 in the morning. The sun is slowly coming up on the horizon and its rays are piercing into a dull shabby room. A man with the name of ' Issac Newton' is sitting in his bed leaning back on a stuffed pillow and brooding over a problem of classical mechanics. Four more hours gone, and he is still in the same posture doing the same activity. Though he has not slept last night, he is not even slightly worried about the thought of getting late for the meeting he has to attend that day. Later he gets late again !

Such was the life of a famous scientist who brought a revolution in Physics through his masterpiece works. If he was punctual for his petti meetings and administrative works, he would surely have never dwelt so deep on his works and the world would never have seen his remarkable work.

The above quote is by Evelyn Waugh who was a English author of satirical novels. This quote depicts the boredom of punctual people since they have nothing else more interesting and energetic to do.

Indeed , this saying is true in many aspects of life. A peek at history shows that many beautiful and extra-ordinary inventions were created by people who had virtually no regard for rules of punctuality. Whether it was Alexander Fleming who was so pre-occupied with his discovery of penicillin in his old laboratory that he forgot his wedding day or Thomas Edison burning his midnight oil on invention of bulb and then forgetting his household chores he had promised to his wife, every great story is an ideal reflection of above saying. It is no secret that Albert Einstein known as 'father of Relativity theory' was called a lazy dog by his Professor Hermann because he never succeeded in fulfilling his commitments and deadlines put up by his supervisor. He used to be always submerged in his world of thoughts exploring the secrets of earth and physics. Artists and Poets were not different either. Many poets were criticized by people of their times for being late for important meetings which implied that they were not interested in their affairs. Some were even late for receiving their Nobel Prize while people like Marrie Currie did not even come to receive the Nobel Prize the very first time she was invited as she had no time for it.

On the other hand , in this hustle and bustle of life , punctuality has taken a centre stage in determining commitment of a person. However , it's surprising that deadlines also impair the quality of output produced. Professionals who linger on their work for longer and don't take deadlines seriously are more capable of producing a quality and well-thought work. To have a remarkable work takes time and in-depth study. Such people love their work far more than others and enjoy every moment of it. The love and the thrill they get from their job makes them dig deeper and deeper and refine their work to a first rate level. For that , they have to forego the deadline and keep themselves floating in the jolly environment of the work.

Not that this maxim only holds true in professional life , but in real social life as well. There can be no better example than wedding parties and social gatherings. We often witness people who leave early after arriving at a gathering with an excuse that they have other important things to do. While people who stay late longer enjoy to the utmost extent and gossip longer than usual. Ironically , as is the case usually , another type of people arrive late for invitations seeking apology later. Such type of people are immensely occupied with things which give them pleasure while those who are on time seek social events as a refuge from boredom.

Trending research has proven that late people are optimistic and happy because of their tendency to fit in a myriad of tasks into a little chunk of time. Their prowess of multi-tasking eases nerves and heighten their spirits. Maintaining a positive outlook is vital for success. Furthermore, tardiness is a function of jolliness. A study conducted at San Diego State University related lateness with Type B personalities , meaning those who tend to be more laid-back and easy going. In other words , people who are late habitually don't get depressed over small matters rather they concentrate on the big picture and see the future as full of indefinite opportunities. That's why Edward Verral Lucas said,

"I have noticed that the people who are late are often so much jollier than the people who have to wait for them.”

Similarly , John Kennedy Toole praised tardy people in the following words ,

“I avoid that bleak first hour of the working day during which my still sluggish senses and body make every chore a penance. I find that in arriving later, the work which I do perform is of a much higher quality.”

What's needed is appreciation of things around you which are often overlooked by us. Sometimes its better to stop by and smell a rose in a garden or staring at the sky and wondering over its vastness instead of sticking to the hectic timetable. Schedules are important but breaking them isn't the end of the world. Societies need to find balance between punctuality and lateness. Living in present is vital for sanity. Remaining stuck with timetables is inability to enjoy the moments. Life's not about regretting over past and dreaming about future. Otherwise , we would miss beautiful things around us.

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